Tehfeez Program at Ranchland (NorthWest Islamic Center) – Postpond

Asalaam o alaikum wrwb
Dear parents
As per the COVID 19 issue , religious committee member of the IANWC board has advised,to postpone the evening Quraan classes at Ranchland Musallah effective from Monday 16 March till further notice.

It will be difficult to control the cleaning protocols required to be undertaken being a public place.more over safety of kids is our priority .

Please be advised to engage with your kids in reading Quraan at home so that their is no break in their quranic studies .

The period is indefinite for now to announce the recommencing date.

May Allah swt keep us all healthy and safe.
آمين يا رب
جزاكللّه خيرا كثيرا
For understanding .


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