Re-Opening for Regular Salah

NW Islamic Center & Maryam Mosque

Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu. Below is all information needed for reopening of NW Islamic Center (Ranchland) and Masjid Maryam for Jummah Salah starting June 5, 2020

1st Salah at 1:00 PM

2nd Salah at 1:45 PM

3rd Salah  at 2:30 PM

Please register today for Friday salah only at NW Islamic Center (Ranchland).

At Maryam Mosque – First Come First Serve

Maximum capacity for each salah is 50 people or 1/3 of the facility as per City of Calgary/AHS guideline, whichever reached first. When you arrive, Please stay in your car until directed by volunteers. While we do have very limited capacity as per health regulations, we kindly ask that you be respectful towards our security team upon your arrival. 

Please bring your own prayer mat, they are MANDATORY. If you do not have a prayer mat, you will not be allowed.

Due to limited capacity and  COVID 19 rules,  Women, children, elderly, and sick people are requested to pray at home and stay safe.

No Sunnah or Nawafil Prayers after farz as volunteers need to do complete cleanup after each salah.

Please read through the poster for more information. While these are very difficult times for our community, we appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward to a full Masjid re-opening in the near future InshaAllah. Jazakamullah Khayr.

Jazakallah Khair

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