MCCF/MAC Elections 2020 – Update


The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) on behalf of the Muslim Association of Calgary (MAC) and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC) announces that as per order of the Court of Queen’s Bench (Alberta) on September 9, 2020 MCC Board of Directors met to decide the new date to hold the postponed election, and to appoint a new Standing Election Committee.

Alhamdulillah, all the MCC Board Directors are now on the same page, and have mutually agreed through binding post meeting agreement through their legal counsels that the Election for the Board of Directors of (MCC) MAC and the MCFC shall be now be held on Sunday, November 1, 2020 (the Election) at five (5) respective Calgary Districts and one (1) in the city of Brooks locations.


Please note in the City of Calgary there will be one polling station in each District where voting will take place for that District only. There will also be one polling station in Brooks where voting will take place for that District only. The locations of the polling stations will be:

a) Akram Jooma Centre – 2624- 37th Avenue NE, Calgary;
b) Al-Hedaya Genesis Centre – 7555 Falconridge Blvd NE #10, Calgary;
c) IANWC Ranchlands Islamic Center – 7750 Ranchview Dr. NW Calgary;
d) CIC – SW Masjid- 5615 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB;
e) Islamic Centre of South Calgary (South Calgary) – #3 539 Queensland Drive SE, Calgary; and
f) Brooks – Heritage Inn Brooks, 1239 2 St W, Brook

Voting will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM on the day of the Election.

The Election shall be for six director positions, one for each district in the City of Calgary and one for the City of Brooks.

New MCC Director candidates will be permitted to be nominated in addition to the Court accepted candidates approved by the previous Standing Election Committee.

Pursuant to the Bylaws and in accordance with past practice;
• Election Committee has been re-constituted under the By-laws and shall be
responsible for the conduct of the election. It was further agreed under the binding agreement between the two sides’ legal counsels that the Election Committee members’ formulation shall consist of a third party Independent EC Chair and two EC representative from each district and each side will pick one person to serve on the committee:
a. The new third party Independent Election Committee Chair – Mr. David Jennings;
b. Islamic Association Districts from Calgary (10 – Election Committee members), and the City of Brooks (2- Election Committee members):
i. CIC- SW Masjid District: 2 representatives.
ii. ICSC-Calgary South District: 2 representatives.
iii. NE-Al-Hedaya District: 2 representatives.
iv. NE- Akram Jomaa District: 2 representatives.
v. NW-IANWC District: 2 representatives.
vi. Brooks District: 2 representatives.
• Additional Nominations for the MCC Directors must be submitted to the Election Committee by email to on or before October 18, 2020;
• Only individuals who are members of the MAC or MCFC as of October 18, 2020 shall be eligible to vote for the MCC Director candidates in the District in which they reside;
• To be eligible to vote members must attend in person and present valid government issued ID.

Further details related to the election will be issued in the next few days. The nomination and declaration forms are available on MCC website at

Jazzak-um-Allah Khairan

North West Islamic Center