In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

About Us

The Islamic Association of North West Calgary is a community organization dedicated to establishing and supporting a healthy and vibrant Muslim community in the NW of Calgary. We operate a Musallah (Place of Worship) and a Youth Centre at 7750 Ranchview Drive. Congregational prayers are held 5 times a day, and Jumu’ah Salah is also offered at the Centre. For prayer timings see Iqama Times, and for a full list of NW Jumu’ah locations, see Friday Prayers. For a complete list of programs held at the NW Musallah and Youth Centre, visit the Calendar.

Drop by any time! We’d love to have you over.


  • Provide accessible Jumu'ah and Daily Salah Services
  • Educate about the Islamic Faith
  • Organize Activities promoting the community spirit
  • Conduct charitable and not-for-profit activities


To establish a strong and united Muslim community in the NW of Calgary.  


Dr. Abdul Rahman

Chairman, Director (Sports, Membership),,

Muhammad Aamir


Syed Anwar Mohiuddin

Secretary, Director (Religious Affairs),

Arshad Mahmood

Facilities Director

Muhammad Aijaz

Assistant Director Facilities

Muhammad Abbas

Director (Outreach, Future Projects),

Adel Rachdi

Director (IT, Communications),

Beenish Khurshid

Director (Youth, Communications, Women),,

Nadeem Paracha

Director (Programs)

Mohammad Monirul Islam

Director (Programs)